Anime Expo 2007

 Anime Expo 2007

Hmm, what to say, what to say? Basically, it was alright. The staff and volunteers seemed lost and disorganized, as were most attendees... and there were scheduling issues. >< Also, there was too much walking and the LBCC was far too spread out, but we still had fun with our friends. ^^

If it's at  the LA Convention Center next year though, we won't be going... (Please see our Home Page Updates for more info)

AYA: Freya (Chobits), Shippuuden Sakura (Naruto), Eve (Black Cat), Naruto (Naruto)
TORA: Mello (Death Note), Shippuuden Sasuke (Naruto), Train Heartnet (Black Cat), Sasuke (Naruto)
DUO: L (Death Note), Young Duo (Gundam Wing), Orochimaru (Naruto), Haku (Naruto)

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